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Long Distance

With multiple Tier 1 national provider partners, we can provide Long Distance solutions to match your needs whether switched or dedicated, domestic or international, in-state or inter-state.

Pricing options include both pay-as-you-use and unlimited packages that can be tailored to your calling patterns and needs.

The underlying partner infrastructure incorporates an extensive network of relationships and technology designed to deliver solutions that are the best in the industry. We have spent the past 10 years developing our long distance product and have close to a billion minutes per month traversing our network.

Additional benefits include world-class service levels and a comprehensive, easy-to-use customer portal to manage complex enterprise environments.

We leverage best-in-class technology and service offerings, combined with aggressive pricing and a world-class support infrastructure, to provide industry-leading managed communications solutions to the business community.


  • A fully geographical redundant Sonus platform that can handle billions of minutes on a monthly basis
  • Capable of handling IP, Dedicated TDM, and switched configurations.