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Dialer / Short Duration


Because we are a licensed facility based carrier with our own platform, our quality is carrier grade.


Need to dial 5,000,000 + minutes a day? No problem! Because we are a carrier, you never need to worry about capacity issues. We guarantee delivery for any size campaigns.


Our pricing varies based on the volume you do daily. With no middle man, our prices simply can’t be beat.



UNLIMITED CAPACITY whether you dial 5,000 minutes a day or 5,000,000 minutes a day, our platform can handle your volume. UNBEATABLE PRICES With no middle man, our prices are unbeatable. If you find a lower price somewhere else, contact our sales agent today to see what we can do to win your traffic.

QUALITY FEATURES Visit our demo page to view a list of our platforms features.

RESELLERS Our system is perfect for resellers. You can have unlimited sub-customers all with different billing options. Our accounting features make keeping track of funds a breeze. MOBILE Our system can be controlled through your smart phone’s browser with ease.

SUPPORT Our support staff is always there to help you in any way. We are only a phone call away!