Hosted PBX

The way businesses are communicating today has changed over the years. Technology advancements have provided and environment that is both user- friendly and efficient. Bluetone’s Hosted Communication Plus platform delivers a level of functionality and ease of use that is considered “best in class”. We believe that the next generation of how businesses communicate and operate have helped shape this technology.

Our Hosted Communication Plus offering is a Cloud Based VOIP solution provides our customers the ability to use their existing dedicated internet connection or choose from a number of other dedicated internet providers.

Our goal: Provide a robust hosted communication solution that is both easy to use and cost effective.


Driving Forces

What is Driving Hosted?

Driving Hosted

Overall Hosted UC Benefits

  • Customers looking for a simple alternative to on-premise PBXs
  • Benefits to the business user:
    • No CAPEX investment
    • Scalable and Flexible
    • Improved staff productivity
    • No technology risk
    • Simpler management

Where do the savings come from?

All this goes away...


  • PBX
  • Handsets
  • Separate IP & phone drops


  • PBX Maintenance
  • upgrades
  • Moves, adds, changes


  • Technology Risk
  • Lack of scalability
  • Staff inflexibility due to inferior technology

What is Gained?

  • Cost savings
    • Long & short term
    • Scalability – only pay for what you need
    • LD & international calling through VoIP Provider
  • Features you actually want and use
  • No headaches to move staff
  • Integration with other systems & devices
    • Integrate phone functions w/business apps to provide better customer service
  • Simpler management
    • Self management for many employees
  • Increased productivity
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  • Plug and Play solution (bring your own broadband)
  • Best in Class Hardware
  • QoS options (network monitoring)
  • Multiple enhanced features to choose from
  • Ease of ordering via on-line portal
  • 24 x 7 customer service
  • Limited to no upfront investment
  • Immediate reduction in Cap Ex , Op Ex and time spent on traditional more complicated architectures (i.e On-Site PBX system)
  • Overall Cost Savings
  • Professional Services option for installation
  • Increased effeciencies with day to day employee productivity
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Packages Support Variety of Business User Profiles

Features & End Points

Optional Premium Service

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Hosted PBX

  • Optimal for customers requiring unique features & settings per station with dedicated line calling capacity.
  • Target customers include small professional offices such as law offices, insurance agencies, realtors, etc.
  • Includes options for premium & group features including hunt groups, auto attendant, call queue and more.

Hosted Square Key System

  • Optimal for customers requiring shared line calling capacity and that have common feature requirements.
  • Hosted service with familiar squared key system model
  • Target customers include small retail sites, restaurants, and other shared-use environments such as warehouses, etc.

Hosted MxN

  • Optimized for large office deployments, allowing custom solutions relating to users and call capacity to fit specific needs.
  • Target customers include office headquarters with 30+ professional users.
  • Each station comes with all user features available

Hosted POTS Replacement

  • Simple entry point into VoIP for businesses with key systems and / or analog phones currently connected to POTS lines.
  • Terminates to ATA, for connection to Key System, analog phone, fax, etc.
  • Optimal for customers looking to maintain existing premise equipment.
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Self installation

  • Bluetone tools and guidelines for customer qualification
  • Equipment shipped to customer site pre-configured for plug and play
  • Notifications automatically sent throughout delivery process
    • Welcome email
    • Equipment shipment tracking
    • Activation date notifications
    • Order completion

Professional install – self installation plus:

  • Professional field technician conducts site survey
    • Physical inventory
    • PacketSmart LAN assessment
  • Professional field technician conducts installation
    • IP End points unpacked, placed, turned up, test calls made
    • PacketSmart installed
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