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Blue Bundle Telecom Management

Blue-Bundle delivers a powerful set of tools that provides a single point of administration and control for all telecom providers, services, activities and invoices. Blue-Bundle Delivers Value Get a centralized inventory for circuits, services, costs, contracts and invoices. Blue-Bundle reconciles billing to internal documentation for real-time reporting – which is accessible anywhere, anytime – via […]

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Long Distance

With multiple Tier 1 national provider partners, we can provide Long Distance solutions to match your needs whether switched or dedicated, domestic or international, in-state or inter-state. Pricing options include both pay-as-you-use and unlimited packages that can be tailored to your calling patterns and needs. The underlying partner infrastructure incorporates an extensive network of relationships […]

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Dialer / Short Duration

CARRIER QUALITY Because we are a licensed facility based carrier with our own platform, our quality is carrier grade. CAPACITY IS NEVER AN ISSUE Need to dial 5,000,000 + minutes a day? No problem! Because we are a carrier, you never need to worry about capacity issues. We guarantee delivery for any size campaigns. FLEXIBLE […]

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Hand-Back (Pseudo Cic)

Bluetone offers a comprehensive selection of origination and termination services for resellers and carriers that do not have their own facilities. We offer a flexible way for our customers to leverage our state of the are switching platform and relationships with some of the tier 1 carriers that use their CIC code to originate and […]

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800 Inbound

Bluetone offers the highest levels of customer service and customization based upon our customers individual needs. We have quietly become one of the largest Toll Free Service provider in the USA over the last several years. Unlike most Telecommunication companies, we are not looking to displace your current carrier, but augment the traffic, bringing redundancy […]

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Local POTS

With multiple Tier 1 national provider partners, we can provide local dial tone solutions to match your needs, whether switched or dedicated, stand-alone or used with an existing PBX or phone system. Service can be as simple as a single line with no features up to multiple lines with multiple features and hunting, call forwarding […]

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SIP Trunking

Many of our customers have discovered that SIP Trunking is the right solution for their communication needs. With our service, your enterprise will realize significant cost savings in communications while maintaining the value of your investment you have made in your legacy equipment. Compatible with existing communications systems, SIP Trunking can seamlessly connect legacy and […]

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PRI delivers voice communications on a 100% digital connection to the customer’s PBX. Inbound and outbound calling are combined on the same connection which maximizes efficiency and enables scalable growth. We make this leading edge technology affordable for small and medium sized businesses. Digital T1 providing local and long-distance over a T1 connection to the […]

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Dedicated Internet Access

With multiple Tier 1 national provider partners, we can transport data wherever it needs to go, and make content and resources available to customers and prospects, wherever they may be. The underlying partner infrastructure incorporates a state-of-the-art IP backbone and extensive private peering relationships to deliver network performance that is among the best in the […]

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